Water sector in the Region

Somali region being the most water scarce area, low annual rainfall and high evaporation coupled with geology largely dominated by gypsum, uneven spatial and temporal distribution occurrences and other acquitter formations. Notwithstanding that the region has four perennial rivers namely Genale, Wabishabele, Web and Dawa a number of seasonal streams like Daakhato, Fafan, and Jarar. However ground water has been used as main sources of water for both domestic and livestock. Traditional community owned hand dug wells (HDW) and Birkas are widely practiced in the region which are both environmental unfriendly and unsanitary are also used to harvest rain water where there is no ground water or is too deep for the people to reach. In the most part of the region ground water is too deep to reach while in some areas saline water which is unfit for domestic and livestock consumption is available at shallow depth.

The bureau is to meet with component of the MDGs that deal with water resources management and development by halving the population of the region that lack the access to safe water with reasonable distance by the year 2015. In collaboration with other agencies and stake holders the bureau is aiming to benefit the states people from the existing water resources. The WRDB has values that relate to its strategic plan and operational values that relate day-to- day operational activities. The commitment and willingness to meet both individual and bureau’s goal is the value of the bureau. In addition to this the bureau has the value of satisfying its service users by providing clean and potable drinking water in the best standard.

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