Irrigation, Drainage & Flood Protection Core Process

Even though water, land and labor resources are available in the region, irrigation development or irrigated agriculture in Somali region is highly underdeveloped and unfocused development activities. Correspondingly, the region in general suffered from recurrent drought, increasing population growth, environmental degradations, etc. Some of the root causes for these are lack of the possible attention and lack of capital investment in the sector, bureaucratic and poor working system and people’s attitude towards work. Moreover, the deteriorating work culture, the awkward management tools, the underdeveloped human resource, etc. have aggravated the situation.

To reverse this trend, the Somali Regional Government has introduced Business Processing Reengineering (BPR). Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is chosen for its radical and fundamental nature to anticipated fast development in the region.

In the broadest sense the concept of BPR is 'the fundamental rethinking and redesign of operating processes and organizational structure, focused on the organization's core competencies, to achieve dramatic improvements in organizational performance' (Lowenthal, 1994)

Somali Regional State Water Mine and Energy Resources Development Bureau is one of the government sectors in the region which are undertaking business process reengineering. The Bureau has been undertaking BPR on six (6) core business processes. Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Mitigation Core Process is one the identified core processes of the bureau which has been under business process reengineering. The design team which is assigned for this core process is mainly engaged to undertake all the three phases of BPR that is planning, AS-IS and TO-BE phase of business process reengineering.
Describing the Core Process

Irrigation, drainage and flood mitigation core process is one of the core processes of Somali Regional State Water Mine and Energy Resources Development Bureau. It performers the study and design, construction, maintenance and expansions of irrigation, drainage and flood mitigation facile

The Start and the End of the Core Process
The start of the core process is needed assessment or reconnaissance study and the end of the core process is training the benefices and handing over the completed Irrigation, drainage and flood mitigation projects to the users.

What the Core Process Produces
Irrigation, drainage and flood protection core process provides:-
Adequate irrigation water and drainage facilities

High quality flood protection facilities

Why the core process produces such a results

The core process produces such results:-
To increase the production and productivity of the semi pastoralist and pastoralist community in the region

To realize self feeding of the regional farmers and pastoralist

To contribute for the individual and national economic growth.

Customers’ Needs and Expectations:-
Adequate and sustainable irrigation water supply ,drainage and flood protection facilities

Construction of high quality irrigation, drainage and flood protection facilities which are completed in its planed schedule

On time maintenance of the existing irrigation, drainage and flood protection facilities.

Continues and practical based training which consider the level of the beneficiaries

Major activities Responsible by the Core Process
Small Scale Irrigation and Drainage (<200ha)

Medium Scale Irrigation and Drainage(200ha-3000ha)

Large Scale Irrigation and Drainage Project (>3000ha)



Flood Protection and River Training Project

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