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Water Supply & Sanitation Projects

The Ethiopia Somali Region has adopted a regional water resources management policy, a water supply & sanitation strategy and a water sector development program. A region water supply master plan has also been put in place.

In line with this, the region has signed an agreement with the World Bank to conduct a water supply and sanitation project.

The program has become effective on Nov. 21/2004. The project is planned to build the capacity of stakeholders and in the process many rural water supply schemes in at least 28 woredas will be constructed. In addition to this, about other town water supplies will be improved. The.

The project has three components:
A. Rural Water Supply & Sanitation
B. Urban Water Supply & Sanitation
C. Program Support.

The Regional Water Bureau will build the capacity of public and private sector professionals to support implementation of the program. In addition to this, the RWRDB will coordinate the capacity building for program management, RWSS and UWSS including through the establishment and facilitation of practitioners specialist group. A stepped approach is to be employed for both urban and rural water supply and sanitation to allow each community to move at its own pace and receive further assistance when prepared.

In the program support, funding is provided to the RWRDB to build the capacity of the Woreda water Bureaus. The Regional water bureau will be responsible for program planning, management and over all coordination at the Regional level. Woredas and town water boards will be responsible for planning and monitoring their water supply schemes. WRDF will be responsible for lending program for urban WSS sub project.

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